Hong Kong Trademark Renewal
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    Hong Kong trademark renewal is required before the expiry of every 10 years term.

    The renewal application can be filed within the 6 months before expiry.

    The renewed term is also 10 years.


Our fee for Hong Kong trademark renewal before expiry is HK$4,500 for single-class registration all inclusive.

In the case of multiple-class registration, our fee is HK$4,500 for the first class and HK$2,250 for
each subsequent class of the same registration.

For break-down of the official fee and our fee, please refer to our Fee Schedule .

Saving by Merger of Classes

In case where the same mark of the same owner has its different classes under different registration
numbers, a saving of fee can be achieved by merging them into a single multiple-class registration.

Upon merger, each of the subsequent classes of the merged registration can then be renewed at
HK$2,250 instead of at HK$4,500.

The request for merger is HK$1,200 for any number of different classes
of the same mark and the same owner.



The whole process takes within 3 weeks.

The renewal request can be filed anytime within the 6 months before the expiry date. Filing and
payment receipt is available immediately at the time of filing.

The renewal publication and the official online records updating take place within 3 weeks. Thereafter,
the updated online records showing the new expiry date will be searchable free-of-charge
by anyone from anywhere through the Registry 's internet search website
http://ipsearch.ipd.gov.hk .

No new certificate will be issued or re-issued.

The new validity period of the registered trademark is 10 years from the current expiry date.


Late Renewal

In case of late renewal within 6 months after the expiry date, there need to be an addition of HK$1,000.

Once that 6 months is over, there is no automatic right to renew. Restoration of lapsed registration
is subject to the Registry's discretion.


Details Required

1. Owner's full name.
2. Registration number(s).
3. Expiry date.
4. Class(es) to be renewed.

No power of attorney is needed from the owner.

The old trademark certificate is also not needed since the Registry simply process according to its
computer records which is available online at the Registry 's search website https://esearch.ipd.gov.hk .



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